Remember me on this computer. Toyota represents a medium risk investment and a good dividend opportunity. In addition, the company can take the opportunity to provide safer and more satisfactory to meet or exceed the laws of the consumer. Operational Performance Efficiency ratios for Toyota and Nissan need to be calculated in order to assess the operational performance of the company taking into account for the intense and significant development strategies pursued by the group to develop their business and to reduce operational costs. According to disclosure in the notes page the assets of the Associates cover the liabilities; hence no significant potential risks are disclosed in these notes.

Nissan annual reports ,, Reason for Choosing Topic and Company 1. Further, the dividend policy gives insight about the use of operating cash flow; high dividend pay-out that could be reduced whenever financial resources could be required to finance extraordinary strategies. Success is sweet and it becomes sweeter when it is achieved once. It provides opportunity analysis, competitive analysis and multi-level analysis essential for strategic planning and business and development processes. Result, Analysis, Conclusions and Recommendations 2. The table discloses the factors behind this growth, explaining how the largest contribution to growth was attributable to price mix.

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Internet along with being an excellent source of all kinds of information is also limited because of its aspects. Inventory turnover for Nissan is higher; reflecting a higher level of finished products stored which could brookew some more issue in selling the completed vehicles. It is stress free for both the mentor and the mentee. Firsts of all, I have analysed the last years company financial reports, management messages, press releases and investors presentations of Toyota.

These entire barriers make the potential risk of new global competitors can be ranked as low.



For some time, the company was the only practitioner of these practices and had the lowest manufacturing and production costs worldwide. Upper second class honours. For this, the sources that I have used are effectively referenced and I have tried to be extremely cautious of not misstating and lxford any information.

bsc oxford brookes acca thesis topics

Sources of Information 1. For further discount assistance and information about our work, please like our facebook page by visiting this link https: The company is not exposed to significant contractual obligations Toyota F 20, page 90 that could result into solvency and liquidity issues, or to liabilities for quality assurances. Toyota Financial Results, Toyota is currently pursuing strategies to optimize production costs thanks to lean management strategies May, Through this research report, the medium term financial and business performance of Toyota motors will be analysed and the outlook will be presented about its future prospects.

What competitive advantages does Toyota Motors have over Nissan?

bsc oxford brookes acca thesis topics

Return on capital ratios were largely influenced by the efficiency in employing the capital; some ratios already disclosed help to appreciate the higher efficiency of Toyota in employing its capital and to explain the ROE composition according to the DuPont formula. Toyota Financial Ghesis, 2.

This analysis does not take into account organizational factors it only lists strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Both Toyota and Nissan operate with positive working capital that it means the company have receivable higher those payables due to the fact that both Toyota and Nissan offer finance facilities to the buyers of vehicles.

For these reasons, the bargaining power of customers can be ranked as high. Quantitative Analysis for FY — 2. It provides an insight understanding of rules of competition in an industry pointing out its attractiveness. This mismatch requires companies to grookes this, according to financial strategies. It is thesi to calculate return on assets and to assess how the company has employed its capital in order to generate profits.


Bsc oxford brookes acca thesis sample

As already stated, Toyota was the first company to introduce lean manufacturing and total quality management practices in manufacturing process. But this time I decided to thesls a step further from previous attempts. At the end of it all, I did not only pass the project but also had a B grade.

My interest in automotive industry is driven by the features of this industry: It was quite possibly one of the best decisions of my life and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to be mentored by caca. The opportunities analysis component of SWOT analysis facilitates company diversification and considerations on how to effectively its resources and investments within the industry.

I am an experienced tax manager in a Big 4 firm but passing the RAP goes beyond this. Even though I have tried my best to extract the most relevant and most reliable information, it is important to further focus on the potential limitations of the data collection process so that the users of this information are mindful of the limitations that can have on their decision making. By Ashley Ozford Polo. I wish everybody success. To conduct company corporate appraisal in order to identify company strengths and opportunities, to highlight weaknesses and threats that could affect its operations.

Thanks to good operational cash flow generation, despite important organic investments, Toyota was able to maintain a stable and satisfactory dividend pay-out policy with a limited financial gearing and very low risks concerning liquidity and solvency.