Whereas Braverman’s allegedly Marxist orthodoxy is considered responsible for this, in fact, exactly the opposite can be asserted: You are commenting using your Google account. Services on Demand Journal. The characteristics of this labor regime explain the scope of their struggle. First, if we observe the labor process in the branches where the assembly line is incorporated , especially in the paradigmatic automotive industry, we find that work still remains manual.

However, he stresses its usefulness for control. National Bureau of Economic Research, The labour process debate: Its fragmentation reduces the workers’ skills individually but not collectively. Whereas, in fact, in terms of work organization, the automobile industry was behind others which were further mechanized.

Yet, he still tends to narrow proletariat actions to mere corporative struggles in a horizon of eternal resistance.

The study on the division of labor of the work done in family houses shows this thoroughly repeated pattern; this lack of originality is determined by a compulsion external to the worker, crystallized in the piece-rate payment KABAT, It has as its many precedents a series of mechanisms that correspond to typical manufacturing problems such as the isolation of tasks and the need of efficient transport between different sections. After this, he states: He therefore considers ‘a working class cadre as it actually exists in the form in which the working class population is molded by capital accumulation’ as a priority BRAVERMAN,p.

criticism of deskilling thesis

Moreover, these actions within the criticisn are studied in abstraction from the social and historical context, so they seem to be rooted in the essential nature of workers. The latter impels all the changes in the labor process. National Department of Labor writes a special crihicism on conflicts related to work organization. Thus the growing of the relative surplus population is a clear cut example of the contradiction productivity forces and relations de production.


Siglo XXI, Spanish translation.

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The construction of a new society will have to be undertaken by the world- wide working class molded by capitalism. A labour process to nowhere?

criticism of deskilling thesis

No magic theoretical lenses could rescue us from post-structuralist confusion if we do not focus on new empirical research. The answer directs us to the core of our methodological proposal that is the study of the branch industry cases. This also makes his empirical research overvalue the division of labor. Its fragmentation reduces the workers’ skills individually but not collectively.

What the three Hungarians did at work did not escape the notice of the directors of the factory, who tolerated it. Nor does any other phrase explain why critlcism industry has been superseded.

It does not at all imply an economistic point of view to say that the labor process is not immediately political. Those who stress the workers’ control potentialities within the current social system tend to ideally embellish the reality of labor by concentrating their studies in the most qualified workers. He believes that the legislation on trade unions divides the positive elements of craftsmen from the negative ones, and that it develops as a continuation of the regulations of craftsmanship.

Control over capitalist work is the highest goal workers can aim.


It is organized following the old handicraft modalities. Therefore deskillinv political action focuses on labor process disputes, it will necessarily reproduce the current working class fragmentation and will achieve only particular and no lasting victories. On the other hand, if we focus on the technical components of the concept we find new problems: Ultimately, from this perspective, Montgomery could be considered a pessimist author too.

The State of Literacy in America: Braverman considers that the moments analyzed by Marx under the concepts of manufacture and large-scale industry are early stages already superseded. The only innovation would be the combination of all these elements.

Evaluation of deskilling thesis

In short, the labor process imparts to the working class its structural characteristics. January 31, ; Accepted: Once a certain technical level is reached, the workers can no longer work on their own. In other words, production as a whole may have reached the phase of large-scale industry, yet there might be certain branches in the economy that can still be classed under manufacture or simple cooperation.

Finally, we try to demonstrate that those Marxist concepts neglected by Braverman are especially useful to understand labor unrest related to job organization.

However, to abandon something is just the opposite of controlling it. School Leadership and Management, v.

criticism of deskilling thesis