The booklet is accepted on all CSU campuses and contains all the necessary documents for admission into the program. Or call or visit our office and ask to speak to our admission counselor. Must be enrolled on a full-time basis part-time attendance requires program director’s approval. Will a student who does not need financial aid still qualify for EOP? At SDSU some of the main benefits include receiving: Deadlines will be on rolling basis after December.

The primary goal of the Cal State L. Keep copies for your records and please include your Red ID number on each page of your correspondence. It provides an orientation specifically for the Educational Opportunity Program. A- No, all EOP services are at no cost to the student. There is no charge. EOP is an admission and retention program.

You do not have to reapply via Cal State Apply or submit letters of recommendation for consideration.

EOP Frequently Asked Questions

This orientation includes an explanation of quesitons procedures and requirements. There is no charge. Is the EOP able to accommodate all students who do not meet regular admission criteria?

An EOP student Has a history of low family income. You need to log back into www. You can also contact the Prospective Student Center at for this information directly if you would like to see what the university has calculated for you.


QDoes EOP cost me anything? It is the applicants responsibility to call our office to make sure all documents are in as well as verify the deadline. What services are provided by EOP? We may verify received forms with individual recommenders.

Once a student is admitted to the University through the EOP, are counselors available during the summer to assist them in selecting and registering for classes? Please include your Red ID number on each page of your correspondence. Only marking the yes box without accessing and completing the EOP application will not get your application assessed for eligibility to the program.

csu eop essay questions

A- No, a completed EOP application is required. You must apply and be admitted before enrolling in your first semester at the university and adhere to Quesitons admissions deadlines.

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) — California State University, Los Angeles

QWhere can I see what my Eligibility Index is? Q7-Can I submit a paper application? Is a California resident. The primary goal of EOP is to improve access to low income students. Q2-What are the benefits of joining EOP? A- Yes, the same qualification criteria will be applied to all students applying.

Learning skills development, tutoring, and academic advisement, the EOP provides educational opportunities to low income students who have been traditionally excluded from higher education. Each EOPS program has specific services and programs. Do EOP applicants automatically qualify for an application fee waiver?


csu eop essay questions

Q6-Can I submit a paper application? Typical services provided by a campus E0P include, but are not limited to, recruitment. Is academically eligible for regular admission, as determined by the CSU eligibility index, is referred to the Admissions Office for regular admission, or Is not eligible for regular admission may be referred to a community college to improve his or her skills, or the student may request that admission materials be forwarded to the EOP Office at the second choice campus.

This committee makes a recommendation to the EOP Director for elp a denial. A- No, all EOP services are free.

EOP Frequently Asked Questions

EOP aids in the academic success of low income students by providing a comprehensive program of support services.

QDoes EOP cost me anything? Or call or visit our office and ask to speak to our admission counselor. At SDSU some of the main benefits include receiving:. However, although low family eopp is a major consideration, the decision for admission is not made entirely on the basis of financial need: Not all CSU campuses will accept the recommendations via paper copy.