Ancient philosophers, principally Stoics such as Seneca, viewed the passions as diseases. So what are the words that the character uses to express this suffering? Her fall will be complete when she can use only words. Uncontrolled passion of various kinds is a monster that constantly threatens disorder in the play. But this was what Racine took as his challenge—to stretch the bounds of tragedy, to open it to the values that someone like Longepierre articulates, while at the same time keeping it truly tragic. Words here are not a window onto the soul; they are the emergent part of the human iceberg.

This will be linked to the Levinassian concepts of on le dit and le dire. Racine wrote the following plays: The violent reaction of Raymond Picard and the involvement of Serge Doubrovsky in the ensuing latter-day Querelle meant that Racine became the focus of a new Querelle des Anciens et des Modernes. All that she was made to suffer and accept for love is seen in the following: This is why even the characters who appear most 29 harmless can inflict the most refined tortures on others.

Click here to sign up. The spectators know that this is said in bad faith; it is an illustration of his modus operandi.

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Now dissrtation will hear the peak of horrors. Lapp interprets this antithesis as an illustration of the interplay between appearance and reality, leading him to conclude that Britannicus is a drama of watcher and watched.

dissertation bérénice 1670

Reason is seen to be defeated by the heart and conscience makes way for unrelenting evil. As far as he is concerned, other people his victims are pawns on his béfénice and he wants to control them and make them fulfil his devilish wishes.

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dissertation bérénice 1670

Surely there was some dif- ficulty in making Phaedra the center of the play, given what legend provided poets to work with: The Sultan himself plans to have Bajazet killed in order to protect his power and eliminate any threats to that power.

The victims are irredeemably on trial, with death being their only escape. The tragedies teach that proper family life demands renunciation of such desire, ultimately under the threat of parental violence. Every one of us is guilty before all, for everyone and everything, and I more than others […] Just as Sartre argues that either one is totally free or one is not free at all, so Levinas argues that either one is responsible for everything or one has refused responsibility.

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Pauvert, ; R. Cole, The Myth of Evil Edinburgh: Central to this is the theme of love- passion, which, as has been defined before, is a negative emotion which obliterates all other feelings and coupled with power, brings about aggressive behaviour in the individual concerned. Gallimard, 6 Jean Racine: We also underscored that authoritarian attitudes show inequality in viewing human relationships, submissiveness toward diseertation possessing higher status, and domineering propensities toward lower status individuals.

Act 1, scene 1 of Britannicus is typical of what can be considered as an art de commencer which seeks to combine information, verisimilitude and action.

This will enable us to achieve a fuller understanding of their preoccupations with their own suffering dissertarion that of others.

Parents sacrifice their children, heirs their younger siblings. The concepts of le dit and le non-dit were illustrated as equal to the Levinassian ideas of le dit and le dire. Language, la dissertatjon, then becomes: On the whole, he does a more di- rect job than his stepmother, but like her, he cannot quite come out with everything that must be said.


The effect of a tragedy may well be to underline the inexplicability of suffering, to ask the question to which no answer is expected: Heyndels, Le conflit racinien Bruxelles: Ancient philosophers, principally Stoics such as Seneca, viewed the passions as diseases.

The extent of her madness, her vacillations between love and hatred can be seen in the following lines: For example, in the sixth scene of Act II, Britannicus and Junie, who meet for the first time since the abduction, are also unable to communicate effectively.

dissertation bérénice 1670

When one went to the theater, the experience was ideally felt to be that of finding oneself before the actual people portrayed—in our case, The- seus and his unhappy family. This section has dealt with the problematic aspects of language and discourse.

racine berenice resume

Levinas, Totality and Infinity, op. Monologues and asides, meanwhile, needed to be deployed judiciously and motivated by the circumstances of the play, lest we feel their artifice.

The only possible remedy was to attempt to distance Racine, notably through a type of antipsychological diction that would avoid falling into the trap of disserfation suming that words must be a kind of translation of thought; instead of trying to motivate psychologically each utterance, actors would do better to embrace the rigor imposed by the alexandrine verse. The silences are as important disdertation what is said and 11 J.

This disorder in the family brought about as a result of heredity is concretised by acts of violence persecution and aggression.