Remarkably, they keep coming back. Thanks for rating this! Viva el Divino Rostro! Philippines Bicolandia , Plaza Quezon 6: Choose Philippines is a movement and website promoting everything great about our country, from its amazing people to stunning destinations. The number of devotees and pilgrims has grown with the passage of time.

Many devotees and pilgrims join the Traslacion and the Fluvial Procession. Wordiness only robs a ritual of its meaning. By land, Naga is an eight-hour bus ride from Pasay or Cubao. There are a number of silent rituals involved. The honor given to the Divino Rostro seems to take a secondary place. The love story between our lady of Penafrancla we lovingly call “Ina” and us, her children is never ending. Viva el Divino Rostro!

Intelligent discussions and exchange of views peñavrancia issues are encouraged among our readers. He and his family prayed to Our Iady of Penafrancia whose picture he was clutching to his breast for his recovery and to spare his life. Mary becomes INA to the devotees because of Jesus. Reconstruction scandals essay The importance of english phonetics and phonology typological analysis of the phonological systems of english and uzbek in the production of single sounds and trains of sounds is called articulatory phonetics.

It is on this account that a devotee calls her mother. Philippines BicolandiaPlaza Quezon 6: Viva la Virgen, they will shout to high heavens.

By land, Naga is an eight-hour bus ride from Pasay or Cubao. Thanks for rating this! When the flatboat reaches its destination, the devotees shout “Viva la Virgen” Long live the Virgin!


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A flight from Manila takes approximately minutes.

The Peñafrancia Festival: For the love of ‘Ina’ | Lifestyle | GMA News Online

The challenge to put our trust in the Lord. Thus, each acquires his own story. On her feast day, pilgrims gather at her shrine to pay her homage for favors received. Facebook Twitter Report post. Choose Philippines encourages writers, photographers, travelers, bloggers, videographers and rssay with a heart for the Philippines to share their discoveries and travel stories.

He also made a vow that if cured, he would construct a chapel by the bank of Pasig river in Manila, in gratitude to Her.

The Peñafrancia Festival: For the love of ‘Ina’

Many devotees and pilgrims join the Traslacion and the Fluvial Procession. A question, however, may be raised: Vatican Live Video Streaming.

essay about peñafrancia festival

Isarog to construct a chapel made of local materials, nipa and bamboo this time by the bank of the Bikol river in Naga, not by the Pasig river as earlier envisioned; two, he ordered a local artisan to essaay an image patterned after the picture of Our lady he always had with him.


Actually, the fluvial procession marks the return of the Virgin from the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral to her home shrine at the Basilica. Male, sunburned devotees of the Virgin will adhere to the huge pagoda in a heartwarming display of faith and devotion. There are also those who wait for INA to pass by.

Essay about penafrancia festival

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Wordiness only robs a ritual of its meaning.

essay about peñafrancia festival

So that in honoring Mary, the devotee honors Jesus. Remarkably, they keep coming back. How to write a 5 paragraph persuasive essay powerpoint compares and made sentence outline, or thesis explanation of form con ref paragraph essay makes.