To register, or practical questions, send an e-mail to Dr. The selected readings were subsequently digitised with a kHz sampling frequency. Four analyses of variance repeated measures on the within-subject factors were performed, one on each set of data for each of the two dependent variables, i. The data of one Dutch subject and one English subject were not included in statistical analyses because of poor performance. Starting date is negotiable, but as soon as possible. Greater articulatory effort tends to lead to greater articulatory precision de Jong To get hold of a large number of paticipants with various language backgrounds and to run the experiments smoothly would not have been possible without the help of many people.

Click here for more information on the Junior PI position and how to apply. The prehead refers to any syllables preceding the stressed syllable of the first accented word. This gave us 50 stimuli. In what follows, these four dimensions will be considered in some detail. These three conditions and their corresponding interpretations are referred to as the Frequency Code Ohala , , the Effort Code, and the Production Code Gussenhoven The first is the representation dimension, concerned with the way pitch contours are structurally represented.

The only difference is due to the fact that British English speakers employ higher pitch values and can thus express greater degrees of meaning. However, the increase in the perceived surprise was somewhat steeper in Dutch ratings than in British English ratings.

The anchor was assigned the score corresponding to the mid-point of the VAS, indicated by a short vertical line. Special thanks go to Mary Beckman, whose constructive criticisms and detailed corrections enabled significant improvements in chapter 3. Turning to Dutch question intonation, it has been suggested that a number of intonational properties are systematically cufriculum to distinguish questions from statements, including a higher beginning, a final rise, forumlier a higher register in addition to a higher nuclear accent peak and absence of declination see Haan Each analysis included the between-subject factor Language 2 levels and the within-subject factors Sentence Type 2 levelsin addition to the pitch-related variables in each data set.


On the other hand, to give the impression of being small and frightened, the animals should produce higher-pitched and more tone-like sounds, which mimic infant vocalizations and may reduce the aggression in others.

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In these four stimulus pairs, subjects were expected to perform at chance level. Brazil proposed three speaker-options: We postpone further discussion to section 4.

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The prehead refers to any syllables preceding the stressed syllable of the first accented word. Native speakers of Hungarian, Mandarin Chinese and Dutch judged jotivatie of trisyllabic stimuli which were spoken with the same phonological pitch contour but differed in the phonetic implementation of the contour.

Note that in Grover et al. Cognitive and Clinical Psychology; 4.

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Recently our lab has shown evidence for a topographic representation of non-symbolic quantity in the Posterior Parietal Cortex, resembling the topographic organization apparent in, for instance, visual cortex.

However, the surprise-redundancy contour is also associated with the indirect usages of wh- questions, which are to be interpreted as, for example, suggestions, as in 3where the rising part of the contour is realised on the word California exactly because of the sense of redundancy They were given phonetic transcriptions, and were asked to read the utterances with a non-emphatic stress on the penultimate syllable.

For more information visit Working at Utrecht University. The anchor was included to provide listeners with a reference point for their judgements on the semantic scales.

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The tonic secondary system specifies the variations in the range of the pitch movement. The current project will continue research into the cortical representation of numerosity and its manifestation in behaviour.

Language-specificity in the use of the Frequency Code 75 3. The onset of the plateau was aligned with five different positions in the stressed vowel. Informatie Voor informatie kunt u contact opnemen met: These analyses are chosen because they illustrate the differences between various approaches and the advances in theory construction in the area of intonational meaning. Not friendly Friendly Figure 3.



Production studies of L2 intonation have shown that L2 learners tend to use the standard pitch range of their native language in their L2. In speech perception, it can be reflected in that listeners are capable of interpreting pitch variations in the speech of the others in accordance with these codes. The SUH focuses primarily on the linguistic meanings of intonation, i.

Although size is primarily conveyed by visual means e.

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Summary and Conclusions The work reported here concerned curriculuk investigation of the way in which two languages implement postulated universal paralinguistic form-function relations embodied in two biological codes, Ohala’s Frequency Code Ohalaand Gussenhoven’s Effort Code We found exactly forulier opposite, a result that agrees with the Use-it-or-lose-it scale, which may seem to suggest that Dutch listeners did not use the Frequency Code as intensively as British English listeners, and consequently became less uk to it.

Subjects were instructed by means of written instructions in their native language see Appendices and to try to imagine themselves as the addressees of the stimuli, and indicate for each stimulus how emphatically it was said in one session and how surprised the speaker sounded in the other session.

However, it is not clear why the Use-it- or-lost-it scale should only be in effect in the perception of friendliness as signalled by pitch register variation. The distribution of the cyrriculum over the meanings is displayed in Table 1. The candidate designs experiments, analyses data and prepares results for publication.