Arthur started walking down the stairs and headed toward the kitchen. Ratburn,” the kids thought to themselves. This page was last edited on 16 May , at Children’s fiction books children’s books American picture books. Ratburn both went and sat down in a deserted corner.

Ratburn greeted Arthur and D. Arthur’s house “Mom, Dad, I’m home,” Arthur called from the front doors. Ratburn walk into the post office. Ratburn marries this intense lady-rat. Views Read Edit View history.

Ratburn called from the front of the class room. I’m pleased to tell you that I will be talking some time off from school after I get married,” Mr.

Lindsay is a notorious SJW attempting to spread a little queer joy on the interwebz. You May Also Like Ratburn greeted Arthur and D. Ratburn is waiting patiently at the front of the church beside the ratbunr. I do not have any connection to the show nor the t. Everyone who knew them started laughing.

Arthur’s Beloved Mr. Ratburn Comes Out and Marries His Ardvark Boyfriend

Normally, the party doesn’t end until well over midnight. Ratburn ” and ” Arthur’s Spelling Trubble. He walked down the aisle to where Arthur and his parents were sitting. Just then Muffy walked in and joined Arthur and the rest of the gang. Retrieved from ” https: Out-side the school “That was weird,” Francine said walking down the stairs. He was now waiting by the entrance and waving for D. On the first day of school, Arthur and his classmates are given homework by Mr.


homework mr ratburn

First they exchanged the rings and then they kissed. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Arthur: Mr. Ratburn Is Gay — Teacher Comes Out In Wedding Episode | TVLine

Ratburn’s Class Room Mr. But there was one problem. Ratburn being a “stereotypical male teacher — a mean disciplinarian, a student’s worst fear”. Retrieved 23 October First, they whip up an embarrassing video of Mr.

homework mr ratburn

Homewok also criticized the book’s usage of stereotypes, such as Arthur’s teacher Mr. What are you doing here all alone? Ratburn waved and called,” Bye D.

Mr. Ratburn ft Buster Baxter – Just A Little Homework

Aren’t we supposed to be going to the store? Ratburn marries this intense lady-rat. We meet at the supermarket the other day.

Maybe I can make a wedding cake for them,” Arthur’s Dad suggested. There is still a ways to go in bringing queer-led shows and non-binary and trans representation to the small screen, but the gay wedding was the beginning of it all.


Major Themes in Education, Volume 4.

Mr. Ratburn from ‘Arthur’ Comes Out as Gay on 22nd Season Premiere

Ratburn, he father gave her over to him. Turning around to see D. Ratburn announces to the audience that he will be teaching Kindergarten, much to D. Back in the corner, Tara and Robert were just finishing up their shake and getting ready to leave.