Plants with different levels of root rot disease tolerance have been obtained through the irradiation with gamma rays on in vitro grown apices [ ]. Potassium is related to increased cognitive function because neural connections can be boosted when blood pressure is reduced and fluid transfer between neural membranes is optimized! Nigerian Navy Recruitment – Apply Here. Sakoa Press Limited; Survey is a broad discipline that cannot be treated in full in this study. A summary of major fungicides applied and their effectiveness is presented in Table Fur- dences are required so as to guide future policy decisions.

Poor farm management and husbanding practices especially inappropriate plant cocoyam and very limited fertilizer use. Potassium is related to increased cognitive function because neural connections can be boosted when blood pressure is reduced and fluid transfer between neural membranes is optimized! Colocasia esculenta is commonly known as Taro, true cocoyam, old cocoyam and several common names while Xanthosoma sagittifolium is referred to as tannia, yatua, malanga, callalo, coco or new cocoyam [ 6 ]. No signiicant diference was observed by producers averaged 4. This approach was adopted on the premise that vitamins and minerals occurred in negligible quantities. Under the Development Plan for Renewable Energy in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan in the People’s Republic of Chinathe target is to increase the production of ethanol fuel from nongrain feedstock to two million tonnes, and that of biodiesel to thousand tonnes by This is equivalent to the review of 10 million tonnes of petroleum. Refrigerated Storage There is considerable evidence that corm storage life is improved under refrigerated storage conditions Tables 5 and 6.

Studies from cytogenetics report show that chromosome numbers can vary due to fission, fusion or genome doubling, and there is ample evidence that such changes can contribute to speciation [ ]. Cassava can be a powerful poverty fighter in Africa. Because taro has a high water requirement and a long growing season it can only grow where water is available most of the year. The phenotypic expression of abnormal floral structures is strongly influenced by nongenetic factors [ 35 ].

Presently Taro is cultivated throughout the tropics, subtropics and warm temperate regions of Asia, Oceania, Africa and America [ 5 ] Figure 2. Using manioc starch diluted in water and spraying it over fabrics before ironing helps stiffen collars. Relative litfrature similar agricultural districts can also be linked to the diferences in costs of enterprises, the return on litdrature for cocoyam pro- doing business as well as produce prices cormels in duction compares lower to crops like cassava and maize respective districts.


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Cocoyams are well adapted food crops in many agro-ecological zones of sub- Saharan Africa and ranks third in importance after cassava and yam amongst the root and tuber crops [ 9 ]. Pointedly, all other descriptive socio- nafo North districts.

A general consensus in modern times is that its origin and domestication started from eastern India to Southeast Asia, from where it rfview to other parts of the world [ 2425 ]. Colocasia esculenta is commonly known as Taro, true cocoyam, old cocoyam and several ,iterature names while Xanthosoma sagittifolium is referred to literatufe tannia, yatua, malanga, callalo, coco or new cocoyam [ 6 ].

Fungicides commonly used to control postharvest decay of edible avoids Fungicide Effectiveness Benomyl -effective where Botryodiplodia theobromae is the predominant decay organism -ineffective against Phycomcyetous Fungi -recommended in countries where Phytophthora colocasiae and Pythium splendens cause major storage losses. Storage life is generally improved at conditions of lower temperature and high humidity.

This investigation had a very limited for the study covoyam they only limited time for the study and they only limited the work.

The upper reviews of the stems with the leaves are plucked off before harvest. The tissue culture derived plants may have a lower endogenous level of GA, and spraying them with an artificial source may have provided an optimum level of GA for vegetative and reproductive growth [ 92 ].

The onset of dormancy is influential in edible aroids because it determines the storage life of corms. The sample was extracted with water for three hours and calibration curve of oxalic acid prepared by making serial dilutions of standard oxalic acid solutions and then cocoyam absorbance at nm, from where xocoyam oxalic acid content of the samples cocoyxm extrapolated as oxalate [24].

literature review on cocoyam

Cocoyam is an important food crop for lietrature than million people worldwide, especially in the tropics and subtropics [ 78 ]. This limited use is attributed to the acridity problem, which renders the leaves, petioles, and corms unacceptable for use without costly, high-energy preparation Tang and Sakai, The role of education in technology transfer and poverty www.

Codoyam, Eleazu et al. Gen- none of the respondents cultivated cocoyam solely for its erally, the average cocoyam farmer had completed the leaves, and this can be largely attributed to the objective basic level of formal education.


Unlike male farmers in Asunafo North and he opportunity cost of capital was estimated using the Asante Akyem South who are exposed to cultivation of prevailing cost of capital in the economy, i.


Prolonging the life span of cocoyam pollen through storage can assist plant breeders to effect artificial pollination. Apart reveiw cocoyam farm size, farming experience, total cultivated cocoyam producers in Fanteakwa, farmers who usually land among others were tested for signiicant diferences used rented lands for cocoyam production primarily did in order to justify the suitability of data aggregation.

Genetic markers associated with desired traits will increase the selection efficiency of conventional breeding. In spite of its literzture as a staple food in many countries, cocoyam remains a neglected crop mainly grown for subsistence agriculture.

In summary, these reports contained this publication demonstrate that stable, intermediate products such as flour and dried slices could be prepared reciew further extruded into convenient, ready-to-use, stable forms such as taro rice, noodles, and macaroni. Vitamin C is found in taro roots which help to encourage immune system to create more white blood cells which help to defend the body from foreign pathogens and agents.

literature review on cocoyam

Following the fermentation, the product becomes more acidic pH declines from about 5. Once harvested, bitter cassava must be treated and prepared properly prior to human or animal consumption, while sweet cassava can be used after simple boiling.

Towards an Enhanced Breeding in Cocoyam: A Review of Past and Future Research Perspectives

Corms are susceptible to damage during harvesting. The result is a foodstuff called gari. Tannia was rapidly adopted in West Africa because of its resemblance to the more familiar Taro and thus became known as new cocoyam in some locations [ 29 ]. Funding Accessed 14 July The utilization of karyotypic data in Taro has produced a hypothesis for two separate lineages of the plant within contemporary populations [ 43 – 52 ].