The dream and nightmare of Americans are the new drilling technology, called hydraulic fracking. The process may be designed to be safe for the environment, but this does not mean that safety procedures will always be followed properly, if they even exist. Many have described fracking as the bridge between the carbon-based energy systems of the past and a cleaner, greener future. It is important for this group to be aware of the real problems that are occurring as a result of fracking because an awareness of the issues can create movement to resolve the environmental damage currently being caused. Environmental Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing. According to the Energy Information Administration, shale gas plays, or fields, in the United States; most notably the Marcellus, in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New York, and in Texas are said to contain enough natural gas to power the country for years Is Fracking a Good Idea?

The cons to fracking are the potential environmental hazards the process can produce as a serious threat. These are deemed secrets of the trade. While fracking has created jobs and provided record-low natural gas prices, it comes with another kind of cost the risks the environment and health. The natural gas escapes through the cracks made in the shale and flows to the surface to be processed and refined. If these fluids remain far underground, they might not damage the human environment. It is thus necessary that the flowback is treated properly before it is returned to the water cycle, and some options exist. The process for fracking is as follows:

Fracking can produce airborne pollutants like methane, benzene, and sulfur oxide Is Fracking a Good Idea? Skip to toolbar Sites at Penn State. Contamination of Natural Water Sources It is evident that current hydraulic fracturing methods are the likely cause of natural gas contamination of surface water and residential wells near drilling sites.

argumentative essay on hydrofracking

To remove the gas, a mixture of toxic chemicals are forced into the shale at high pressure. A heated debate surrounds this process in regard to whether or not it should be allowed to continue in its present state; those in opposition typically argue the process is too high risk, while those in favor often contend it is too valuable. For example, an exception to the environmental safety regulations does eessay demand fracking well operators to report annual releases of toxic chemicals from their wells Centner, However, this is not the current case.


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Current weaknesses and inconsistencies in the regulation of hydraulic fracturing allow for errors to be made that contribute to environmental damages. It is evident that current hydraulic fracturing methods are eessay likely cause of natural gas contamination of surface water and residential wells near drilling sites.

These issues must be discussed and laws implemented to prevent opposition that may place the fracking production at risk.

argumentative essay on hydrofracking

President Obama has commended the United States use of natural gas in his speech on climate change attributing it with producing cleaner energy. Posted on April 27, by crz To some Americans, fracking has become an energy dreams come true.

Consistent regulation of fracturing to prevent environmental damage is apparently scarce to nonexistent. They are argumdntative pros and cons for the American regarding the use hydraulic fracking.

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Some of the most famous and shocking examples are from individuals who provide video evidence that their water can be lit on fire because of these high natural gas concentrations in their water. In the United States, fracking has become a fiercely debated issue, as the industry essaj the benefits the practice holds and health and environmental groups question its safety. This essay is directed toward a population of middle age who may passively support current hydraulic fracturing practices, without much knowledge on its potential effects.

Because of this, the recent expansion of natural gas extraction by hydraulic fracturing has been discovered.

argumentative essay on hydrofracking

The rapid expansion of hydraulic fracturing is wssay numerous detrimental effects on the environment and for these reasons should be limited until the process can be further developed.


Our work is high quality, plagiarism-free and delivered on time. Medicine essays Miscellaneous essays Psychology essays Religious studies essays Science essays Sociology essays Essays menu. Considering the research, evidence, and case studies in regard to fracking, it is evident that fracking has been having some nonnegotiable, detrimental effects on the environment that need to be resolved before fracking is allowed to become more widespread, which I will address.

If you are the original author of this content and no longer wish to have it published on our website then please click on the link below to request removal:. If all wells are not tested, there is no assurance that all wells are operating properly and safely since all wells are different, in terms of their location, geography, depth, and other factors.

Environmental Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing. There are many pros and cons to fracking. If these fluids remain far underground, they might not damage the human environment. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Engineering work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours. The United States Department of Energy estimates that fracking will produce approximately 2.

In some instances, environmental damage from fracking is clear; in others, it is simply uncertain whether fracking is the cause or not. If effective environmental action is not taken today, the possible consequences from fracking will grow into a more serious problem.

The Bridge to a Green Future? Facts on Fracking Persuasive Essay: These relaxed requirements allow wells to be fracked whether or not they are properly insulated and secured to prevent contamination. If the fracking process could be better understood, refined, implemented, and regulated to prevent environmental damage, then the process may be permissible.