Ateneo de Davao has also pushed for a little project, which very few people know about, partnering with another association to mobilize a small group of Madaris Volunteer Teachers. I told our superintendents, it would only take one picture of one teacher inside a casino and the whole department is put in a basket of spoiled tomatoes. We wait in hope for the great Philippine eagle to soar once again even as we celebrate with the latest batch of Blue Eagles before they spread their wings and take flight. The fact that it will aggravate the financial burden of parents and that the Aquino proposed education budget cannot resolve the shortages even under the current year system clearly explains the program’s foolishness. Teaching is close to the heart of Br Armin.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. September 1, —June 30, They are sent to some of our farthest and hard-to-reach Madaris where they teach DepEd secular subjects such as Mathematics, Science and History. Thus he says “I supposed [they] laughed at me. He published it, discussed it with many stakeholders. Teaching is close to the heart of Br Armin.

He also delivered a homily named Cory, the Heart of a Saint during the wake of former President Corazon Aquinoand said “our closeness with her was really borne out of that period [Hello Garci scandal], none of her children went to La Salle.

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Is your diploma enough for you to brag about? Take that leap of faith and fly. He was appointed as the Secretary of Education of the Philippines on June 30,[11] [12] becoming the second De La Salle lustro to hold the post—the other was Gonzalez who was in office from vraduation Over dinner last night, we were excitedly discussing how Ateneo de Davao is now capacitating several of our schools in a new project on shoe-making.


Or are you called to do something more? When we first announced the reform in Octoberthe program liistro received with much skepticism and initial resistance. I realized recently that, coming from Batangas, this great mighty Philippine eagle in decades past used to soar over Taal Lake but as a young boy I never had the chance to see this great eagle.

There I saw greatness intersecting beauty in Davao as it gradiation in the Ateneo. You only need to take one picture of a teacher harassing a student, and allteachers are already tainted.

Armin Luistro

Ateneo de Davao remains a critical partner in education reform. Florencio Abad June 30, —June 30, Rosalinda Baldoz June 30, —June 30, Kulang sa teachers, classrooms, textbooks—Bakit magdadagdag pa?

armin luistro graduation speech 2016

Is he prepared to stand up to opposition from the Catholic church? When Usec Francis died, we grieved not only because we lost a friend, a father and a colleague, but because we also lost one who fought hard to start the reform. Maayong hapon kaninyo nga tanan.

armin luistro graduation speech 2016

They are sent to some of our farthest and hard-to-reach Madaris where they teach DepEd secular subjects such as Mathematics, Science graduahion History. De La Salle Alumni Association.

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With his quixotic ideal to serve and improve the system, Br Armin Luistro, former Secretary of the Department of Education DepEdfrom June tofrontlined the implementation of the K to 12 Basic Education Program, thereby creating what is now known as the Senior High School which covers the additional two years of Grades 11 and Kaya naman ng Pinoy, kaya naman pala ng bayan.

February Wellness Corner: When I look back at the challenges USec Francis and our team had to face in the department, I realize now that the most difficult task was not sourcing the budget or convincing our legislators however unnerving those tasks may be.


Armin Luistro June 30, —June 30, Rogelio Singson June 30, —June 30, He started as a religion teacher, homeroom adviser, and campus minister from to at the De La Salle Lipa in Batangas, his beloved hometown. He was conferred a doctorate degree in educational management on May from the University of St. Mabuti na lang ako ang pinaka mahirap na Cabinet Secretary. In the midst of his ministerial and administrative duties, Br Armin still manages to be engaged in intercultural and interreligious dialogue, advocacies, and foundations dedicated to the poor and the marginalized.

Luistro estimates a lack ofteachers, 72, classrooms, 7 million desks,comfort rooms and 96 million books.

armin luistro graduation speech 2016

On top of all his accolades, he was bestowed with the Grand Cross of the Order of the Order of Lakandula, one of the highest honors given by the Philippine Republic as acknowledgment for meritorious social, political, and civic service to the nation.

He professed his first religious vows on Octoberand his final vows on May March Museo de Oro Open House: This page was last edited on 21 Aprilat The Alliance of Concerned Teachers ACT have expressed skepticism over Luistro’s stand on sex education citing his religious background.

Virgilio de los Reyes June 30, —June 30, Brothers of the Christian Schools.