Each candidate must submit four copies of a thesis, including the original, all properly type-written or printed or copied and bound in a form approved by the Graduate Council. Term Dates for Postgraduate Programmes. One month before commencement of term. Video on Academic Honesty. File Organization and Format B.

Code of Practice Taught Postgraduate Studies. Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of Science. The thesis shall be examined by a board of examiners nominated by the M. Arabic numbers 1, 2, 3, Procedures for Dealing with Student Complaints. Term Dates for Postgraduate Programmes. Study Plan and Progress Report.

Regulations Governing Associate Students. Workflow of the Graduate School Disciplinary Committee. Sub-Committee through the faculty board for approval by the Senate. An applicant seeking admission to M.

CUHK Graduate School

Only in very special circumstances and with the approval of the Senate on the strength of the evidence sbumission acceptable research experience shall admission be granted to an applicant under Rule 2.

Study Plan and Progress Report.

cuhk graduate school thesis submission

Message from the Dean. Preparation for New Academic Year. Completion of all Programme requirements, including submission of thesis to the Graduate Usbmission for RPg students. Late submission will not be considered unless full justification and support from Graduate Divisions are given.


The Senate may recommend the award of the degree of master or doctor in any faculty to any member of the academic staff of the University and for this purpose may exempt any such person from any of the requirements prescribed for the conferment of the submjssion other than the examination therefor.

Schedule of Academic Events Message from the Dean. Otherwise, you may need to rename the file. A Guide for Students and Teachers. Guidelines for Survey and Behavioural Research Ethics.

Guide to Submission

Video on Academic Honesty. Term Dates for Postgraduate Programmes.

Postgraduate Programmes of Study. For doctoral theses, the abstract shall not exceed characters in Chinese or words in English. Video on Academic Honesty. PDF Files for Full-text student number-last name first name-submission year month-degree-fulltext.

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However, in special cases, the Graduate Council may on the recommendation of the M. Introduction reference from the Undergraduate Shool handbook. The External Examiner s have not accepted the invitation. It may take a while if your source file is large. Please make sure the file is named according to the file naming convention in Section B above The compiling time is dependent on your file size. Study Plan and Progress Report.


cuhk graduate school thesis submission

General Information on Postgraduate Studies. Addresses and Telephone Numbers.

Sub-Committee to further advise the Graduate Council; or. Protection of Personal Data Privacy. You are recommended to generate by using Adobe Acrobat or other software such as Microsoft Word to generate schoool desired file. Visa and Related Matters for Non-local Students. The actual format, style and abbreviations should be decided by the Graduate Division in accordance with normal practice adopted by journals or other publications commonly used in the field.