Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. Carmela Coppolino died 50 years ago, on Aug. The Defense Never Rests. Supported by a disability benefit, royalties from writing, and the salary of his wife Carmela, also a physician, Coppolino began a torrid affair with year-old housewife Marjorie Farber, a vivacious woman who looked much younger than her years. The family moved to posh Longboat Key, near Sarasota. At Coppolino’s urging, she signed the death certificate, citing coronary thrombosis as the cause.

The quickie marriage was frowned upon — by one woman in particular. She told of being under Coppolino’s spell ever since he had first hypnotized her to get rid of a smoking habit. His opening address contained a ringing indictment:. These findings led to dual charges of homicide being filed against Coppolino. Apart from being “all blue down one side,” there was no outward sign of distress to the body.

William Farber, 52, was found dead in his bed. We have many plans and enthusiasm to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really need your help for this. Carl Coppolino murder his wife and his ex-lover’s husband, or was he merely the hapless victim of jealous revenge?

Wife and death: Doc gives murder and adultery a shot

He served 12 years, before coppolinp let out for good behaviour. Joe Umberger devised a method that would show up abnormally large amounts of the two substances but would not react with the minute quantities normally present. Both New Jersey and Florida ordered exhumations.


A coppoino Italian Catholic, Carmela would not consent. Other writers have reached the conclusion that killer Coppolino was a pathological liar, even inventing his heart ailment to suit his needs.

Poisoning anaesthetic succinylcholine chloride Location: Juries are not prepared to extend coincidences quite that far. Carl asked Carmela for a divorce, so he could marry a rich divorcee, Mary Gibson, whom he met at a bridge club. In the first trial they chose to disbelieve a self-confessed accessory to murder and were swayed instead by the welter of contradictory forensic evidence.

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Carl Coppolino, an anesthesiologist, lived with his wife, Dr. Lee with Harvey Aronson. Toxicological testimony was vital evidence in the Florida case. Though Bailey vowed to appeal the verdict, a stunned Coppolino was led from the courtroom to prison to start serving his sentence of coppolkno.

Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Also, Farber’s cricoid—a cartilage in the larynx—was fractured, indicating that he had been strangled. The Coppolinos moved to Florida. As the two men struggled, Marjorie begged Coppolino to stop. Carl Coppolino barbecuing hamburgers.

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Although these two compounds are normally present in dead tissue, they are there in such small quantities that ordinary techniques fail to detect them. Unaccountably, Coppolino refused to testify on his own behalf. His chief toxicologist, Joe Umberger, “worked on the tissues for a long time.


August 28, Date of birth: Shifting tactics, Bailey ridiculed Farber’s claim of having been an unwilling but coppolnio participant in the coppoolino, saying he would produce medical testimony to prove such obeisance impossible.

He called Carmela’s father to relate how Coppolino claimed an autopsy had proved that a heart attack was the cause of death—though in fact no autopsy had been performed at the time. Perceptibly, the mood of the court swung against her.

Not guilty; second trial: December; second trial: Murder Chief Defense Lawyers: He hacked away, constantly reminding the jury of her adulterous and jealous behavior and, most stdy all, her age. Break her testimony and Helpern’s words would fall on deaf ears. Helpern was emphatic on both sttudy, although Bailey drew from him the grudging admission that there was no bruising about the neck, as would normally have been present if strangulation had occurred.

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Break her testimony and Helpern’s words would fall on deaf ears. Summing up, Judge Elvin Simmill commented on the vast array of conflicting medical evidence and stressed to the jury that they must be satisfied of Coppolino’s guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.

dr. coppolino case study

Unaccountably, Coppolino refused to testify on his own behalf.