The Panel head I suppose seemed annoyed somehow, despite being calm. So nothing to worry.. Not much to add. Its more than rapid fire round. Than he said okay. But you need walk for 10 min from metro to G-block — Present at 9 am sharp.

Your email address will not be published. All the BEST to all!!! Guys Please ask to come-in first and then greet. Result for Written exam has been declared, click me 24 th July: Would love to have your feedback about the exam. M1— Why u resigned from ur job?

IB ACIO Question Paper with Answers PDF – Paper I & II –

Finally, it is a nice experience, though i felt i could have done better. Call letters will be available on Home ministry website 17 th Aug: I was the 22nd candidate to be interviewed.

Moreover their hospitality and approach was good. Any Queries post iti will try to reply. They were taking a lot of time for verification process.

Human rights vs IS: Cordial, calm panel, mostly. P1-Do u think a Cultural Mahotsav should take place in such critical situation?

IB ACIO 2015 Question Paper with Answers PDF – Paper I & II

Three member panel interviewed me. My interview was on 14th jan, after reaching there they gave a sheet for the writng specimem,our original essay was to b written in lines,they will tel the essay topic as well. Since I essay from Kerala and Sabarimala temple belongs to my district, asked about the temple and history of my place? I was the 15th candidate. Would love to have your feedback about the exam.


So, please bear with me and I thank following people for sharing their interview experience. I faced problem with provisional certificate. My interview flr on 13 jan at Bapu dham new delhi in Board 1.

expected essay topics for ib acio 2013

IS problems from your state: Verification guys are very co-operating. Rohit i was interviewed today at hyd…. Overall interview board was very co-operative and they tried to make us comfortable. Me-I Like watching movies and reading from time to time. I told about 3 ,then he said have u seen Devils Acoi.

Why did you wore a tie?

expected essay topics for ib acio 2013

Me- expalined but not with much conviction Someone whos advocates for the evil side of the issue P1-There is a talk show of this name? Finally I went in the room,there were 3 members in the panel P1,P2,P3 P1-You dont belong to mumbai, why did u applied from here Me- Explained how my father moved here long back and settled here, told them about my schooling and graduation Done from Lucknow P1-what did you do after graduation and what are u doing now?


I thanked them for that. My interview went on for 15 minutes.

expected essay topics for ib acio 2013

Interview in different upper floors. I should have clarified on that.

ACIO Essay Topics

One on why I want to leave my present job and join IB. Remember the only way knowledge can grow is by sharing! M2- have u changed ur name bc u have not given u this name?? They did not ask me about my IT background, gap graduatewhy IB, and other competitive exams.

My number was 5th, waited nervously for 10 mins. Not much ezpected add.