An interpretative phenomenological analysis. Narratives of heart or lung transplantation and ‘intensive care unit ICU delirium. Verity, Danielle Stigma, perceived control and health-related quality of life for individuals experiencing Parkinson’s disease Graduating year Ashton, Rebecca A qualitative exploration of the impact of stress and workplace adversity on healthcare staff experiences, well-being and resilience Baker, David Psychological perspectives on stigma and self-compassion in adults with epilepsy Binsale, Laura Self-concept clarity, adverse experiences and psychopathology Cheng, Joanna The mechanisms of psychological therapy with people with long-term physical health conditions Clarke, Aoife A systematic review of the concept of self-disgust, and an empirical examination of its role in post-traumatic stress difficulties Deavin, Toni A qualitative exploration of family members’ experiences of paediatric chronic illness Elsdon, Ruth A qualitative exploration of the experiences of women involved in sex work Empson, Kate Family carers and mental health: Hugill, Mel Early life adverse experiences and the effect on parenting stress and schizotypal symptons. Exploring perceptions of resilience when dealing with distress. Psychosocial implications for individuals and relevant others. Assignment suite overview This information does not apply to the cohort or earlier.

Williamson, Emma Does professional language affect help seeking in young people? Lynne Heyes Investigating the relationship between presence of negative thoughts and control strategies in postnatally depressed and non-postnatally depressed mothers after childbirth. Thesis abstracts of former trainees are listed in alphabetical order below. Yasmeen Akram-Saleem A study to investigate empathy amongst adult offenders and non-offenders with mild intellectual disabilities. Sara Williamson Self-esteem and psychological adjustment in adolescents with Asperger syndrome.

Once the trainee has been allocated to a research supervisor they identify a topic for their TPA literature review in discussion with their supervisor.

Claire Rockliffe-Fidler Sexual functioning in women with diabetes. Quantitative investigations of compassion satisfaction and challenges to compassion in mental health professionals.


lancaster dclinpsy thesis

A qualitative exploration of how risk is conceptualised and worked with in mental health services. Passing and failing the DClinPsy programme Full details of dxlinpsy Assessment schemes and criteria can be found in the programme specification.

Thesis abstracts | Doctorate in Clinical Psychology | Lancaster University

Louise Ferguson The effects of training on the ability of adults with a learning disability to give informed consent to medication Nicholas Gore Theory of mind and perspective – taking ability amongst people with intellectual disabilities.

A psychological exploration Simpson-Adkins, Graham Parents, adverse childhood experiences and psychological distress Smith-Gowling, Claire Dclinpxy an understanding of the self-behaviour of vulnerable young people Spankie, Heather The importance of addressing the impact of contextual difficulties on mental health Tallentire, Liz Psychological characteristics related to epileptic and non-epileptic seizures Theed, Rachael Psychological distress in the context of Dxlinpsy Disease Tikare, Nicola The experience of seizures: Listening in a different way Potts, Rebecca Disability following traumatic brain injury: Reflections of clinical psychologists after returning to work.

Family experiences and presymptomatic genetic testing in young people Claire McDonald Palliative care professionals’ experiences of unusual spiritual phenomena at the end of life Sinead Murphy Narratives of change in fathers who have completed an Incredible Years Parent Training Programme Cara Pouchly Cultural Competence: Jennifer Seamans Experiences of pregnancy for women with eating disorders: Perceptions of cause and control in people with Parkinson’s disease.

The experiences of administrative staff working in Child and Adolescent Mental Health: A literature review maximum 4, words examining the published research, theoretical literature and clinical and policy guidelines on the topic which the trainee intends to research for their DClinPsy thesis.

lancaster dclinpsy thesis

An exploration of the relationship between self-compassion and chronic pain. The thesis is the largest piece of research work undertaken by trainees on the Lancaster Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. A qualitative investigation into the emergence of exits in Cognitive Analytic Therapy. The experiences of implantable cardioverter defibrillator shock-recipients: Davidson, Sarah Recovery and sense theesis self for individuals with a Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis.


Handbook | Doctorate in Clinical Psychology | Lancaster University

Rupa Gone Illness representations, coping, depression and lancsater in South Asian and British people with inflammatory arthritis. Cheryl Hutton Children’s adjustment following parental separation: Trainees can find more information in the Guidance on the thesis process for trainees section of the online handbook.

Louise Cumbley Factors associated with hallucinations and delusions in children. James Carr The impact of pre-morbid personality on challenging behaviour in dementia.

Lucy Attenborough Changing Young People’s attitudes toward people with mental health problems: Kathryn Heaton Men with intellectual disabilities who display sexually abusive behaviour. The process underpinning the loss and maintenance of compassion when working with clients with complex or challenging interpersonal difficulties. Evaluation of an educational Approach.

Lloyd Humphreys Family environment and challenging behaviour in families with a young child with learning disabilities.

The thesis: a guide for external supervisors (2014 cohort onwards)

The experience of emotions in people with bulimic eating patterns. Its impact on patients’ and Partner’ Sexual functioning.

Rebecca Humphreys The effect of individual differences upon response styles to low mood. Hugill, Mel Early life adverse experiences and the effect on parenting stress and schizotypal symptons. A clinical psychology perspective Emily Suter Obesity: A qualitative exploration of the role of identity in older people experiencing chronic pain.