Experience in working with digital asset management systems miap photographic databases. Final Class Project Shocking and Awful: A Look at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and Hidden Collections of Improv Comedy Improv comedy is a genre of performance that, due to its ephemeral nature, may seem antithetical to preservation. Introducing the History of 8. Portable Channel proved that video could empower a community to thesis miap own identity through independent media. This class gives students practical experience with the process of film preservation including understanding and recognizing film elements, making inspection reports, repairing film, making preservation plans, understanding laboratory processes and procedures for making new film preservation elements, and writing preservation histories.

Students will learn the details of the functions of digital preservation environments and repositories, and what infrastructure, policies, and procedures need to be a part of a repository in order to make it preservation compliant. It compares and contrasts these types of institution to reveal how they differ from one another, paying particular attention to how different institutional missions affect internal metadata and information systems. Die Nyu from Valy Arnheim’s Harry Hill detective series is her most recent major restoration project, preceded by Asta Nielsen’s Hamlet Current responsibilities at DIF include work on a large collection of advertising films produced by the company Insel-Film in the s and 60s, and a digitization thesis focused on films of WWI. The Church has had its own production company, Golden Era Productions, since , to promote and protect its very carefully created image. When the Woman Shoots: Daniel Finn Out of the Darkness:

Internships may be paid or unpaid.

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This presentation will focus on moving image work which by its nature, actively resists preservation. Improv comedy is a genre of performance that, due to its ephemeral nature, may seem antithetical to preservation. Topics discussed include appraisal, collection policies, inventorying, and physical and digital storage.

Tuesday, April niap 9: The goal of this research is to break the gendered boundaries of the horror film canon by proposing an intervention, whereby women filmmakers will be inscribed into the history of the genre. He is miap editor for nhu museum’s online publication, Moving Image Source nyu. On a more pragmatic level, they will learn about optimal storage conditions and handling. Monday, March 26 9: The consolidation and summary of tools both predicted and in actual use will give archivists a place to start tackling their digital audiovisual backlog.


This course will explain the principles of conservation and preservation, and place moving image preservation within the larger context of cultural heritage preservation. However, as the web evolves, this proprietary software is being increasingly left behind for web development, as tech companies like Apple reduce or eliminate support. My thesis examines the division of labor in moving image archival professions nuu a particular focus on how women’s experience in technical career paths is affected.

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The portfolio should serve as an example of what the student might present a potential employer. Addressing in-house systems and work with vendors, the class increases knowledge in areas of: Now, DCTV has amassed thousands of video tapes from a wide array of formats spanning over decades of time, but without a strategy to preserve this invaluable collection. In a rush to digitize born-analog content, how will the institutions responsible for our cultural heritage respond to the impending issue of digital materiality, and the physical systems required to sustain digital content?

They must complete at least one of these courses TV History in the third semester or Film History in the fourthunless they successfully petition for exemption from one of these requirements based on prior coursework. As discourse of the sort can tend towards ideology, an understanding the ethical implications of film restoration should be achieved through analysis of a diverse set of perspectives and case studies. A Look at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and Hidden Collections of Improv Comedy Improv comedy is a genre of performance that, due to its ephemeral nature, may seem antithetical to preservation.

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As a contextual frame, the thesis charts the ways in which both the practice and ethical discourse of film restoration has evolved from the s to present. With the advent of new technologies, film producers and distributors and managers of film and video collections are nhu with a myriad of legal and ethical issues concerning the use of their works or the works found in various collections.

Latin Self-Representation in Home Movies The portrayal of Latin s in the media has been constructed by stereotypes that attempt to nyyu their voice. He and his work has been featured in many articles including those published in Nyu New York Times, Proposal thesis adalah Broadcast Magazine and elsewhere.


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Toward the Preservation of Virtual Reality Though virtual reality devices, such as the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR, have only recently become ubiquitous in the public consciousness and the consumer market, virtual reality has a long and rich history that has thus far been largely overlooked by cultural heritage institutions.

New Techniques for Digital Processing Born-digital audiovisual accessions have increasingly nyk to outstrip analog accessions in archives, representing not only a change in format but a change in scale. Even though Double Negative was recently created, an audiovisual element used in its production is no longer manufactured, so I also explore preservation considerations for mial audiovisual analog and digital elements. In recent years she led the establishment of a lab for disk imaging, nyu and analysis of early multimedia works, and helped plan the symposium TechFocus III: Wednesday, March 28 9: Highlights in included Journey thesiss Aran a program of silent miap of mizp Aran Islands with a devised thesis by local musicians and The Seasons a film from presented miap Irish traditional thesis.

nyu miap thesis

Thursday, April 6 9: Students will learn how to prioritize preservation and access activities by weighting copyright, uniqueness of content, format obsolescence and deterioration, and financial considerations. This course studies rhesis different kinds of institutions that collect and manage cultural material: The Portfolio must include a written essay synthesizing the wide variety of topics learned during the program, as well as good examples of projects that the student has completed.

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The course will emphasize digital literacy so that students will be equipped to make informed technology decisions in the future. This thesis recounts my efforts to identify hidden collections at some of the most important improv theatres in the country, and discusses my findings and recommendations from a collection assessment I conducted with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York.

This course will examine the daily practice of managing collections of film, video, audio, and digital materials.