Zeus disguised as a swan and raped unprotected Leda. The ugly duckling child who has grown completely now can no longer endure loneliness and difficult life, throws himself in a swan and decides to be killed by these beautiful birds rather than life. At that time the ballet was popular. Four syllables in the first line and the three in the second one make the accent of the second line even harder. This particular speaker becomes keenly aware of his own ageing as he watches the same swans that he has watched year after year. Very beautiful, she is considered “a wonderful prize” – at the moment the price of traditional Chinese beauty is very high.

It talks about her, she feels insufficient in her own home, how difficult it is for her to talk with her parents, and whether she will become an important person in the life of others. While they have not grown old, he has. In short, he is aware that his life has quickly passed him by, and while nature stays the same, everything else in his life has changed. The farmer found a cold duckling child and brought it home, but the abandoned child was scared by a farmer’s noisy child and fled from the house. The speaker has clearly becoming acutely aware of his own mortality. This is a profound personal poem that explores the cycle of life in nature.

In this verse the birds williiam terribly destructive, have sacred power to violate Leda, causing the worst result of war and destruction depicted in the last line.

“The Wild Swans at Coole” poem by William Yeat Analysis essay

This scene was proud of the changes he already made at that time, and the birds were not touched by it: The speaker says that it has been nineteen years since his first visit to Coole, when he first counted the swans on the lake. Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Perhaps it because there seems to be such a sharp contrast between the swans and himself.


They have a piano at home, but no one uses them. By explaining its physical characteristics, swans become power of violent God “Cool wild swan” is part of the series of the same name in and is one of Yeat ‘s earliest and most moving will, living in “everything has changed”.

Perhaps he is remembering when he was younger and quite literally lighter, or perhaps he is remembering days when he did not live under such heavy burdens and could walk with a spring in his step.

The poetry by William Butler Yeats, Leda and Swan is trying to reveal one of the most controversial myths in ancient Greece. Because the poets here use nature as a medium to spread personal feelings, it shows the influence of Wordsworth.

The poet is seeing swans above or near the shores of a big pond.

Overall, “Leda and the Swan” is a sonnet that focuses on Greek myths, Zeus takes the form of a swan, rapes the girl Leda and takes her child to become a Troy Helen. It all makes life seem so short, fragile, and yet beautiful. One expects a psychological revelation commensurate with the effort of deferral.

The Wild Swans at Coole by W.B. Yeats: A Detailed Analysis | My Essay Point

In this poem, The Wild Swans at CooleYeats explores the theme of the frailty of human life through his speaker. However, the poem does not move chronologically; instead, the first twenty-six lines vacillate between present and past in a restless concatenation, sometimes shifting over the course of a single line. According to Munsterberg ‘s movie theory, a movie is a primitive medium because it aesthetically stimulates the sense of the audience.

One is to focus on world problems such as the impact of World War I and the other is to focus on various aspects of his life. By explaining the physical characteristics of the swan, the swan will be the power of the fierce God Black ‘s “Cool Wild Swan” analysis “Cool Wild Swan” is a poem about the aging process of William Butler Yeats.


the wild swans at coole poem by william yeats analysis essay

Both use different techniques and styles to emphasize these different themes. It appears that when he first saw the swans, they did not make his heart sore.

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Two vital aspects of the setting, autumn, and twilight, subtly hint at the impending cessation — death. One can imagine the gorgeous colors of the leaves before they fall, and see the twilight reflecting off the water, where there are fifty nine swans swimming. When Zhang was born, China has completely changed under the leadership of Mao Zedong.

It reflects the repetitions of the events, which took place nineteen years ago. It is interesting that the speaker has been focused on the swans enough to count all fifty nine of them. While he is tied down to earth where there are many cares and worries, they are free to fly, worry-free into the sky. The theme of the infinity of the beauty, freedom and the impossibility to stop the time may be obviously seen, too.

the wild swans at coole poem by william yeats analysis essay

Villa Black Swan – enchanting and operative. Related Articles Soliloquies in Macbeth: He has grown old, and everything in his life has changed, and he fears that one day the swans will leave him, too.

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She wrote a song while trying to understand how to become self-pianist. Interestingly, Chang is the first person to obtain a doctorate from the UK university in the People’s Republic of China. Under the October twilight the water The trees are in their autumn beauty.