The stated maximum number of words excludes tables, diagrams including associated legends , appendices, references, footnotes and endnotes, the bibliography and any bound published material. Plagiarism is a form of cheating and is a serious academic offence. This allows your examiners to see easily what you have done – and pass your thesis quickly – and also serves as a checklist for you to see that you have covered everything. Access options – information for authors Our information on access options can also be downloaded as an information sheet docx – 24 kb. Our information on access options can also be downloaded as an information sheet docx – 24 kb. Important further information about Option C: Arranging vivas can be difficult if one or more of your examiners is an exceptionally busy person.

The date can be important to the School, and we don’t receive direct notification from the University. Major modifications usually include one or more larger pieces of work and minor modifications as described above. The supervisor normally does the basic work of finding examiners and chairperson, and approaching them informally to see if they are willing and available. If, exceptionally, your thesis contains confidential material and you require an embargo preventing access to any version of your thesis, you must discuss it with your supervisor and make a restricted access request at least two months before your intended submission date using the following form: The only exception to this is that after some major corrections, the examiners may ask for further minor corrections.

Note also that supplementary material such as tables, diagrams, appendices, references, the bibliography and any bound published material are not included in the word count.

Permission is only granted in exceptional circumstances thesiss you are advised to discuss this with your supervisor at an early stage. You should follow the guidelines for formatting theses given in Presenting your Thesis: For a variety of reasons, it can take some time to identify suitable examiners, make contact with them and obtain their agreement to submission in this capacity.

Have been supported by commercial interests and contain potentially commercially sensitive intellectual property up to 4 years Are subject to a contractual or legal submission between the thesis author and a third party up to 4 years Are subject to ongoing negotiation with publishers for bhak monograph publication up to 2 years Please be advised that an option A, B or C restriction are appropriate access choices if you plan to publish in journals Ramirez et al.


You can submit your thesis in person at the Aston Webb Student Hub. Doctoral theses will normally be submitted to EThOSand all etheses can be found using internet search engines.

thesis submission bham

The maximum number of words in the thesis or report is shown in the table below. You should make your modifications within the time allowed see belowand submit them to Research Student Admin. An electronic copy to your School for a Turnitin check. On submitting your thesis for examination you are required to complete a declaration form confirming the word length of sybmission thesis.

Notice of intention to submit your thesis

You must also bhzm the School a copy of your thesis declaration form, in which you sign a declaration submiwsion the electronic copy submitted to Turnitin is an exact copy of the copies submitted for examination. These are given to candidates in a list soon after the viva.

This advice should not be taken as an indication that the final thesis will necessarily fulfil the requirements of the degree. It is normally expected that the examination process will take approximately two months from submission.

thesis submission bham

By the end of your writing up, this normally means a desk in Room Important further dubmission about Option B: Note especially the layout of your title-page as shown on page 5. The Research Student Administration team will formally notify you by letter when submisdion thesis has been sent out for examination of the names of your examiners and the chairperson for the viva.

One good method is to:. The other is for the School library, and you should give it to the School Librarian.

The hardbound copy of the thesis will be catalogued and made available as a reference only item from a date after the formal graduation ceremony has taken place.

Ultimately, the decision to submit must be yours.

Presenting your thesis

Guidance notes and application forms are online. You can find information on submitting your thesis, including forms and queries about content, submission dates, examination and degree-awarding procedures, from Research Student Administration RSA. For further information please see: You should receive a letter from the University beforehand asking whether you wish to submisison. From your point of view, the main function of this form is that it starts the process of appointing your examiners and chairperson for your viva.


thesis submission bham

Encourages researchers in your field to read your work and cite it in their own research Boosts your academic profile and the potential impact of your work Helps support the wider international scholarly agenda around providing open access to academic content For PGR students who have received an UKRI studentship it ensures compliance with their terms and conditions around access to the final thesis Helps ensure the thesis is indexed by anti-plagiarism software programmes to prevent fraudulent re-use.

You should also ask your supervisor’s advice, remember what your learned in Research Skills and look at previous theses in the School Library. You should complete these before you take your thesis to the Bindery as they may need to be bhsm in your thesis. When you submit your thesis, please notify the School Research Student Administrator of the date of submission and the exact title of the thesis.

Submitting your Thesis (and Graduating)

Major modifications usually include one or more larger pieces of work and minor modifications as described above. Declarations form PDF submidsion KB To declare that the work you are submitting is your own to confirm the word length of your thesis, that the examination copy is an exact copy of the copy submitted to Turnitin and to declare whether you have used a third party editor. Copyright law applies to theses tgesis dissertations written by students as part of their studies in the same way as it applies to other copyright works.

Guidance and downloadable forms are online.